We are a group of seasoned professionals with wide and varied experiences in international markets.

Each member of our team has held senior positions with major corporations where we gained valuable insights into the sourcing, marketing and trading processes.

We know from experience that finding the right business partners in a global marketplace can be a daunting task - one that requires expertise, time, effort and capital that may not be available when you need it.

That is where we at iSource-X come in and work with you to find the right partners, suppliers, products and pricing.

If we are sourcing, we work for you, not the manufacturer. We are not tied to any manufacturers so you receive an honest appraisal of a supplier's capabilities and independent analysis to strike the best deal for you.

iSource-X becomes an extension of your business, we only represent you and your outcomes.

We will ensure that we have an acceptable non-disclosure agreement and working agreements in place to protect your business.

Please review your options on our Manufacturer Representation, Global Sourcing, and Trading pages.
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